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Kitchen Organization

McKinney Village features spacious, stylish kitchens with plenty of counter and cabinet space, stainless steel appliances, and modern lighting fixtures. Even though there is enough room to accommodate all of your pots, pans, plates, etc., it always helps to organize for the most efficient cooking experience. Here are a few ways to organize your kitchen:

#1 Lazy Susan Turntable

The Lazy Susan turntable is a simple and affordable option to organize your collection of spices, sauces, or any other odds and ends in your cabinets. No one likes having to dig through their cabinets to find that one specific spice needed for dinner. A Lazy Susan Turntable keeps it all in one convenient location so that you can easily retrieve what you need from the cabinet.

#2 Command Under Sink Shelves

Place your dish soap, sponge, rag, or other cleaning supplies in under sink shelves made by Command. You may be familiar with Command hooks, which stick to walls without having to drill a hole. They have applied the same concept to these shelves, which are meant to stick onto the door of your cabinet for easy access to whatever supplies you choose to store in them.

#3 Plate Holders

Most people just stack their plates as a way to organize them. Instead, purchase plate holders for optimal organization. Not only does it give your kitchen an elegant flair, it also serves a utilitarian purpose. If you’re hosting a party, it’s easier to take out your plates without worrying if they will fall and break.

#4 Pot Lid Organizer

You know how difficult it is to find a space for pot and pan lids. Not only are they awkwardly shaped, they also tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space. The Roll-Out Pot Lid Organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond makes organizing the lids of your pots and pans a simple process. After installing the Roll-Out Pot Lid Organizer, you only have to pull out the organizer to access all of your lids.

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