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Unplug from Technology

We live in a world powered by technology and free time driven by screen time whether binge watching a television show you’ve seen before or stuck in your phone scanning social media. Sometimes unplugging from the screens and plugging into nature, hobbies, and other forms of fun can be extremely relaxing and freeing. We have compiled a list of things you can do that are mostly free the next time you want to unplug from the web of technology in your life:

  1. Take a nap: Catnaps when you’re feeling bored but want to put the phone down are the perfect way to recharge.
  2. DIY Something: You’ve been sucked into Pinterest looking at DIY projects so why not do one of your own? Whether you paint an old piece of furniture or craft new wall décor.
  3. Send a care package or a piece of snail mail: Whether you write a letter to your mom or put together a care package for your best friend across the country, snail mail is a great way to stay connected—no internet required.
  4. Exercise: Exercise produces endorphins which naturally elevate your mood. Leave your phone in your apartment and head over to the community fitness center where you can use our cardio equipment and weight machines.
  5. Color: Adult coloring books have been all the rage the last few years. Coloring is believed to reduce stress and promote creativity which is a great way to unwind while curing your boredom.
  6. Volunteer: Volunteer at our SPCA or check out other volunteer opportunities in the area for non-profits or something through Volunteer McKinney.
  7. Read a book: Devote some downtime to reading a real book. This will utilize your imagination and cure boredom.
  8. Take a walk: This might be an obvious idea, but our community is absolutely beautiful. Use your free time to take a stroll through the community soaking in the scenery, talking to your neighbors, or just to spend time in nature. You could always take your pup for a walk to the dog park too.

It’s easy to unplug and enjoy the good life at our McKinney, TX apartments. Schedule a visit to McKinney Village today!